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Tactical Command Games

Home of
Conflict 2000, Stellar Fire,   Conflict 3000,
and Gunslingers & Desperados.

Bringing You Great Skirmish Game Systems.

Designing Superior squad to company level skirmish miniature wargames, using 15mm & 28mm miniatures.

Tactical Command Games
3539 Dean Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

Email: Stellargames@gmail.com

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Legions Unleashed

Coming soon in the near future the rerelease of the old version of Legions Unleashed a Fantasy Warfare game. The game has been reworked with new and improved armies and rules.
Tactical Command Games Business Commitment

Tactical Command Games is a game company located in Des Moines, Iowa and that is dedicated to bringing the gamer high quality skirmish games, high value rule sets, army packs, and other associated products. We have released quality skirmish game systems for Historical Modern Military, Sci-fi and space combat, and the Wild Old West.
TCG products are developed with the following goals in mind:

1. Our games should provide the gamer with a great value.
2. Our games should be playable in around 2-3 hours.
3. Our games should be playable on a typical kitchen table or other large surface.
4. Our games should use a minimum of dice types and other associated paraphernalia that detract from the visual appeal of the gaming table top.
5. Our games should encourage interactive play and a minimum of "rules lawyering".
6. Our games should capture the "feel" of the period they concern.

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TCG Staff

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