Tactical Command Games Painting Services
 Do you have a ton of 15mm or 25mm miniatures to paint and no time for that task, let TCG painting service handle the job for you.

Our painting prices include: removal of flashing, assembly, priming, painting, sealing, basing on our metal bases and flocking. In short our prices include everything you need to have the figures usable.

Painting Order Process Overview

  1. Complete Contact us form  
  2. I will email you a free quotation for painting your figures.
  3. You decide to place the order and send us the figures along with painting instructions and a deposit of 50% of the order value.
  4. PayPal prefered method of payment, but I do take checks or money orders.
  5. I will paint up your figures and email you pictures of the completed work.
  6. Once you approve the pictures you send us the balance due and we ship out your figures.
  7. There will be a minium of a 10.00 USD S&H charge to return the miniatures, plus 5.00 USD cost of insurance (which is recomended).




15mm Foot                                     2.00

15mm Large Figure                      5.50

15mm Mounted                             4.50

15mm Vehicle                              10.00    

25mm Foot                                     8.50

25mm Large Figure                    45.00

25mm Mounted                           16.00

25mm Vehicle                              45.00

25mm Very Large Vehicle          75.00


Dystopian Wars
Price List

The price is for the painting of a single item of that type unless otherwise noted, very large commissions can be subject to some discounts.

Class Size:                           Price:

Dreadnought                         25.00

Skimmer Battleship               25.00

Battleship                              20.00

Carrier                                   25.00

Sky Fortress                          30.00

Large Airship                         25.00

Submarine Set                     25.00

Dilation Orb                          15.00

Battlecruiser                          12.00

Gunship                                  9.00

Cruiser                                    8.00

Destroyer                                4.50

Russian Frigates                     4.50

Frigate/ Escort/ Corvette         3.00 

Medium Airship                        9.00

Small Airship                            5.00

Bomber                                     8.00

Flight / Tank Tokens                .75

Battle Group Box Set           80.00

Mobile Airfield                      30.00

Bunker Complex                  25.00

Tower Set                            25.00

Land Dreadnought               25.00

Landship                              20.00

Robot                                   20.00

Large Airship                        25.00

Land Driller                           25.00

Bombard                                 8.00

Medium Tank                          8.00

Bomber                                    8.00

Dreadnought Robot                100.00

Shipping & insurance         20.00
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